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ClassPass is a subscription service that allows members to take fitness classes for a monthly fee without actually signing up for the studio/gym’s membership. In March 2018, ClassPass launched ClassPass Live, a streaming workout platform where people can follow along at home as top New York City fitness trainers lead live workouts from the ClassPass Live studio. As an extra on Daily Burn 365 (Daily Burn’s live workout platform), I’m familiar with how live workouts are shot, scripted and executed in studio and at home. What makes ClassPass Live different is the integration of a points system that displays on your sidebar and the fact that the trainer was interacting with the members DURING the workout.

ClassPass Live workouts are 30-minutes and require no equipment, just a mat. I tried Build, “a full body workout with an upper body focus that will strengthen and sculpt your shoulders, back, triceps and biceps,” as the ClassPass app reads. The trainer was Bakari Williams, a very high-energy instructor who literally called me out by name during this class and motivated me to push harder. Prior to Build, I had never exercised in my living room before and it was hard for me (a trainer myself) to keep up with this intense workout. Here’s how setting up ClassPass Live works.



To have the awesome trainers appear on your TV screen, you’ll need a Google Chromecast and a Wahoo Fitness TCKR Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Together, these are called the Starter Kit which costs $70. ($40 if you already have the Chromecast). The Starter Kit comes with instructions on how to link your app to your TV but it’s pretty simple: download the ClassPass app in iOS or Android, go to “Videos” and select “Cast” to use your device as a remote for your TV. The heart rate monitor comes into play because during class, there’s a thermometer or scale on the bottom of the screen that displays how close you are to the target heart rate zone for each exercise. The heart rate monitor also pulls data to provide “points” and the more points you get, the higher up you are on the leaderboard to the right of the screen.

Between the leaderboard, the moving heart rate gauge and Bakari thanking specific class members, I realized that ClassPass Live did their homework on how to reach YOU, the person at home. Live workouts are available Monday-Friday at 7am, 9am and 10am and they’re available on demand. Having multiple classes per day eliminates excuses for missing a workout.




During Build, we did plank variations, pushups, squat variations, overhead press, and of course, burpees to name a few moves. I was sweating and shocked at how Bakari was able to keep talking at such a fast pace while still doing the majority of the workout. More impressive was how the fitness extras were able to keep such a demanding pace the entire workout. The other ClassPass Live workouts are below:

Core: a full body workout with a focus on your abs, Core will go beyond the basics and make you stronger overall.

Charged: a full body, cardio focused workout, Charged will improve your aerobic endurance and increase your stamina.

Every workout is based on the high intensity interval training (HIIT) method, which continues to be a top trend in the fitness industry. HIIT is when you intersperse periods of work (for example, 30 seconds) with periods of rest (eg: 20 seconds). ClassPass Live launched at the time where both live and HIIT workouts are increasingly popular. The purpose of HIIT to burn maximum calories in minimum time in addition to increasing aerobic capacity and ultimately sports performance in endurance events.


In addition to the original content from ClassPass Live trainers, there’s also a section of the app that contains “Partner” video content. These yoga, barre, Pilates, instructional, stretching, strength training or cardio workouts are produced by partner companies SH1FT and Move 123. You can filter these third party workouts by duration, equipment and body focus. I find that aspect of the ClassPass app interesting because I wonder what a trainer/studio has to do to become a partner. What a great way for a studio to get their name out there.

Overall, the target ClassPass consumer is me circa 2014: a fitness enthusiast who wasn’t a certified personal trainer that would try random classes just to switch up his fitness routine and embark on a new challenge. Now, I hope to do a ClassPass Live workout with you at home, except I’ll be the one in the studio and you’ll be at home hearing me call your name.

ClassPass Live is $10/month for current ClassPass subscribers and $15/month for stand alone subscribers. Visit to sign up.

A clip from the first-ever ClassPass Live workout with trainer Bakari Williams.

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