Barrosofit is an online fitness community that strives to inspire people of all ages to reach happiness and purpose through physical activity. Founder Mark Barroso, NSCA CSCS, CPT, and Spartan SGX Coach graduated from the College of New Jersey with a B.A. in Journalism/Professional Writing and has been writing professionally ever since. A Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, athlete, fitness model, and professional journalist, Barroso tries to motivate and help the masses one step and rep at a time.

Barrosofit is a movement that encompasses both content creation and certified personal training. The website serves as a way for athletes, journalists and trainers to share their fitness journeys/workouts with the world. The site also allows publicists, media outlets or photographers to reach Mark Barroso for photo shoot opportunities, workout plans, nutrition advice, and story pitches. Last, this website allows people looking to reach their fitness goals with the ability to contact Barroso for customized workout routines. We hope to work with you soon, whether it's promoting your business or working with you one-on-one in the gym!